Black Duck – Westport, Connecticut

The Black Duck in Westport, Connecticut is a local treasure. And I can see why. Reasonably priced food with plenty of sports and fresh seafood.

More importantly, they have an OUTSTANDING Bloody Mary. I mean, absolutely exceptional. So I can give it a thumbs up in general.

We stopped in after a hike and tested their super good chowder.

Looks promising!

Celery Fight!

That chowder was so good it makes me want to smoosh you!

As usual, ChowderBoy’s enthusiasm for all kinds of chowder knows no limits. And we love him that way. He did say it needed more salt and then proceeded to pour a TBSP or so in there. Which was actually too much.

It takes a lot these days to get us to cry out for more chowder. But The Black Duck had us begging for more!
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2 responses to “Black Duck – Westport, Connecticut

  1. >Any thoughts about expanding to quahogs as well? These also have a wide range between good and bad and I can nominate a winner right off the bat: Mezza Luna in Buzzarda Bay. THe finest quahog I've had, and I've had 'em all! -Qui-Gon Jim

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